Friday, January 25, 2013

First 30 Hours Down Under, In Photos

Here's Vicki and Tammy, not long after we got here. It only looks like Tammy's being scolded by her mother:

Last night, on the way out for dinner, Tammy took this shot of us with part of the downtown skyline in the background:

This afternoon the three of us headed into the city in search of comic stores and lunch, and wandered into Treasury Park (so named because it's right beside the Treasury Building):

Same location, but this time highlighting my even bigger, fatter belly compliments of all the First Class food and beverage we'd enjoyed on the way here:

So far Melbourne seems like a beautiful, vibrant city. Yesterday was a scorcher but today was much milder and that made it easier to walk around. Monday is Australia Day, meaning that Ryan should be able to spend a three-day weekend with us (lucky guy!) before he gets to escape back to the peace and quiet of his job on Tuesday. We haven't decided yet how to spend the long weekend but a rental car will be involved in some capacity.

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