Saturday, January 26, 2013

Slightly Under The Weather Down Under

Last night I started noticing I had a sore throat, and it got worse as the evening progressed. The four of us were perched in front of the TV watching the riveting Men's Semi-Finals of the Australian Open, which kept me somewhat distracted from how uncomfortable swallowing was becoming. When I went to bed, however, it hit me full-on, and I spent at least half the night awake and feeling like crap. Today I sent the three of them, in the rental car Ryan had gotten for the long weekend, off to a winery tour that I knew Tammy and Vicki in particular would enjoy. I've read and watched various weird Aussie TV offerings all afternoon, but still feel somewhat lousy. It seems like I can't travel any more without getting/being sick, and that's definitely depressing.

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