Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Better Late Than Never

In all the activity of the last week or so, I completely forgot to post these pictures from the birthday party for Vicki and I that Richard and Meena came over for on the 17th:

That's the front of the gift/art object for my 50th. It had 14 items on it, each of them somehow related to the number 50.  One example: the Kit Kat bars have 2 quarters glued to them, making a "50 cent (w)rapper"!  That's the genius of my sister-in-law Meena right there! And here's the back of it, as well as Vicki's slightly less ostentatious basket of goodies:

We had a great time trying to guess how the 14 objects related to 50, and even Emma got into the act.  I think we got about half or two-thirds of them right, though some definitely eluded us. 

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