Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Draft 3 Now Complete

I've gotten all of the edits from my three early proofreaders, and have incorporated their feedback into the 3rd draft of novel # 3.  (That's three threes!)  My thanks go out to Vicki, Richard and my friend Ernesto, all of whom did amazing work making me look so much better than I really am!

Now I just need to make one more pass, start to finish, and then it should be ready to go.  I'm doing this turn through the novel in iBooks, on my new iPad (courtesy of Vicki, for my 50th!).  So far, I'm less than a chapter in, but I'm loving the note-taking ease of this application.

Once the 4th draft is done, I imagine it'll be time to print a proof copy and see what this sucker looks like on paper.  Right now I'd estimate the book will be coming out late next month, but we'll see.

Still, the light at the end of the tunnel is definitely visible now!

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