Friday, March 01, 2013

Tired Of The Spambots

Lately, I've noticed that the spam-to-content ratio of comments on my blog has risen to about 20:1, which is by far the worst it's ever been.  I've obviously ended up on some spam-generation service's site list, which is really a shame. 

As a result, I've made two changes to the settings for comments.  I've turned on comment moderation, and I've introduced the often-annoying word-verification feature.  I expect the latter change will make more of a difference than the former, but we'll see.  I apologize for the hassle to the real commenters out there, but to be honest you're such a rare creature anymore that I doubt anyone will feel much pain. And if it stops me having to delete dozens of spam comments every week, it'll be worth it.

1 comment:

Peter Scheyen said...

It's gone nuts for me as well Matt. Google needs to do something about it. Unfortunately I don't think they are necessarily mechanical robots, but rather asian spammers with ready access to cheap, partially literate labour.