Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dude, Where's My Feedback?

Four days ago, I requested some feedback on our first attempt at a Game Over back cover blurb. I know you already know this, because chances are you're a regular visitor to this blog. So then my question to you is: why have I only heard from two of you so far? Was it really that bad of a cover blurb that you don't want to say anything at all? Three of us are waiting eagerly to hear what you think, and then to potentially come up with something better based on what you say.

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Sue G said...

ok, this week - 2 plays to read to pick one to direct, lines to start learning for another, day job and you wonder why no feedback. yeesh.

but I think it is good and pretty interesting but could crisp up. i love to edit. bring a copy fri or sat night if you dare and I will red pen it. :)