Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A New Goal

I've decided this week that I need some sort of a fitness-related goal for the summer, along the lines of my "bike 100 times to work" project in 2003. I like having a target to work toward, as motivation (or lack thereof) is usually my biggest problem to overcome where regular exercise is concerned.

So I'm planning to walk 500 km by the end of September, starting this week. Julie and I did a short walk yesterday morning (I'm estimating it to be around 5 km) but I didn't have my new pedometer in time to get an accurate gauge of it. Today the device arrived (having ordered it yesterday from Amazon!) and so I logged 5.4 km between 2 neighbourhood walks this afternoon and this evening. In other words, I'm already about 2% of the way to my goal after just 2 days! Which is good, as I only have a little over 100 days before the end of September, and I'm sure some of them won't be suitable for walking.

Anyway, I'll provide occasional updates here, as time goes by. I'm hoping that I crush my target, like I did that first year of biking (120 rides, or 20% over my goal), but we'll see how it goes. Encouragement from the Peanut Gallery is always appreciated!


Mike Marsman said...

Awesome goal! I can't remember if you have an iPhone or not, but I can't say enough good things about RunKeeper. It's not just for running, either - tracks cycling/walking/etc.

Sue G said...

Do you give yourself half points for distances swum?