Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Walking Goal: Week 2 Report

My second week of walking wasn't quite as productive as the first, which isn't surprising considering that I had no visits from Cooper nor any invitations to join Julie for a walk all week! But Vicki generously went out with me a couple of times, and I managed to bring my total up to:

87.6 km (good for 17.5% of my goal)

I'm still on a good pace which should see me hit or exceed my goal of 500 km by Sep 30.


Mike Marsman said...

Once you make your goal (and I know you will) you should reward youself with a fitbit - - looks pretty cool.

But that's just me trying to spend a retired guys money for him :)

sue g said...

you didn't mention how assisted your tally by suggesting you walk to downtown!