Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Quarter Century Of Goodness

It's hard to nail down exactly when Vicki and I first met, because it was kind of incidental, at the time. She and I were both working for the bank and ended up on the same development team not long after I started, but we both had a period prior to that during which we were in training together. The two of us, and several other employees, were co-located in a temporary "training area" for a few weeks, as I recall, and it was while situated there that we first made each other's acquaintance. If I had to put money on the actual date, I'd put it around the end of June, but couldn't really get much more precise than that.

However, the day I started work there was June 16, 1986, which is 25 years ago today. Since I know that we met sometime shortly after that, I'm celebrating our "silver anniversary" as of now, just to be on the safe side! What a great quarter century it's been having her in my life (and hopefully vice versa), and who knows? Maybe we'll get another 25 in together before the comet destroys us all!!

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