Saturday, October 27, 2012

10 Days Until History Is Made

The 2012 elections in the States happen in a week and a half, and there's obviously a lot riding on them, as usual. To appreciate how important these things can be, just imagine if Al Gore had been the president, starting in January of 2001. Assuming September 11th had transpired the same way, it's doubtful that President Gore would've used that event to justify an attack on Iraq, as they had nothing to do with that terrorist attack. Nor is it likely that the guy who believed in creating a figurative 'lockbox' for his country's Social Security and Medicare programs would've presided over the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.  He certainly wouldn't have cut taxes for the wealthy in his first term, as Bush did, creating the perfect environment for a recession to develop in.

As for this year's election, the country stands to lose its first, admittedly timid foray into universal health care if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan win.  They both believe emergency room care is just fine for those who can't afford anything better, and it's that brand of 'compassionate conservatism' that voters will bring about if they elect those two.

Among the other races to be decided on Nov 6th, the one that I'm most interested in - by far - involves Elizabeth Warren's run for Senate in Massachusetts.  Yes, that Elizabeth Warren.  Fortunately, Nate Silver, over at FiveThirtyEight, puts Ms. Warren's chances of winning at 92%!  I firmly believe Senator Warren could have a huge, positive impact on the Senate, if she gets there.

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