Friday, October 26, 2012

Back On That Horse Again

After an unplanned 2-month hiatus from it, I finally got back to working on the 3rd novel yesterday.  I have no good excuse for why so much time passed with no progress, but I've committed to getting 2 new chapters done before Vicki and I head out on vacation in a couple of weeks.  That'll bring the total to 4 chapters, which would be a nice chunk of the book.

One positive sign was that it took me no time at all to get back into the swing of things once I decided to do it, no doubt helped by the fact that I've continued to plot out aspects of the story while I was busy not writing it.  I know the broad strokes of what happens in these latest 2 chapters, and just have to do the actual work to get them down on the page.  I definitely seem to need deadlines, though.  On the previous novels, I always had Julie nagging me for new chapters, and I guess I miss that this time around.

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