Wednesday, October 03, 2012

My Year Without Christmas Gifts

As I mentioned earlier today on Facebook, I've made the heretical decision to forego the giving and receiving of Christmas gifts this year (after clearing it with Vicki, of course).  I always find the pressure of figuring out what to buy, as well as providing clues as to what I'd like, at best exhausting, and at worst, stressful.  Since this Christmas season will fall squarely between trips to Vegas in November and Australia/Hawaii in the January-February timeframe, I've been trying to figure out ways to reduce my stress level over that stretch.  This seems like a good solution, and plays into my anti-consumerism tendencies of late, as well.  It's one thing when you have children in the house and are buying them presents, but Christmas gifts between grownups just feels ridiculous sometimes.

So we'll see how this particular experiement goes, and what it tells us for future years.

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