Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tigers Go Out With A Whimper

They managed to make a game of it tonight, but after having been outscored 12-3 over the first 3 games (and shut out in 2 of them), the writing was on the wall.  Game 4 went to an extra inning, as the Tigers finally produced a bit of offense, but the Giants were just too much for them, by a score of 4-3.  Prince Fielder disappeared at the plate in this series, continuing to challenge Alex Rodriquez for the title of "most overpaid player in the postseason."

Last time Detroit appeared in the World Series, they at least managed one win against St. Louis.  This year it was a clean sweep by San Francisco.  Oh well, at least the boys from Motown got that far, which is better than 28 other teams.

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