Saturday, October 06, 2012

Another Anniversary Missed

Just like I did last year, I completely forgot to 'celebrate' the anniverary of this blog when it came around on October 1st.  Bad Matt!

Kimota94's Place is now 6 years old, and possibly starting to show its age.  My posting is at an all-time low, indicating a certain lack of engagement with the blog, I suppose.  Having Facebook and Twitter competing for my time hasn't helped, and I just find that there isn't as much going on in my life that I want to post about these days.  It's possible that I'll get back into it more once the current book gets back on track, though.  But I do apologize to those out there who wish there was more to read hereabouts.

Still.... 6 years of blogging must be some sort of achievement, right?

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