Monday, October 15, 2012

Off To Talk About Estimation Tomorrow

In what I consider to be a criminally perverse case of insane scheduling, I'm actually working tomorrow, just two business days after my last workday!  I know, right??

Actually, it's a good thing, as I'm finally going to get to talk about Relative Estimation.  When I do my Agile 101 workshop, it doesn't seem to matter who the audience is, they always want to drill way down into this topic when it comes up.  I have a grand total of 2 slides on it in the Agile 101 material but could easily spend a couple hours talking about it if I didn't put my foot down and insist that we move on.  I get so many questions, and receive so much skepticism about how it could ever possibly work, that I always end up saying, "You really ought to bring me back to do the full-day Estimation workshop if you're that interested, as that's the only way to do it justice."

And now I'll be doing exactly that.  Here's hoping I've still got the magic touch when it comes to Story Points and the rest of it...

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