Monday, February 04, 2013

A Potpourri Day In Melbourne

Today started with a 1-hr bike ride for Tammy and I, down to St. Kilda Beach. Then it was back home for SuperBowl Monday with Vicki.

When the game looked like a blowout at halftime, Vicki and I took off for lunch (at Grill'd) and a visit to a comic store (Comics 'R' Us) on Chapel Street, before returning to discover that the game had gotten close. Unfortunately, the 49ers still lost, but at least the final quarter was exciting.

This evening, the three of us trammed into The City to meet Ryan for dinner at Sea Salt, a fish & chips franchise (quite good!). Then we strolled around for awhile, taking in the sights and snapping a few pics.

Along the way, I was reminded that the first rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club... and so putting up signs advertising its location should be completely out of the question!

Here's a shot of one of Melbourne's handsomest citizens:

And here's one of its many movie starlets, taking in the night air:

Vicki requested this shot, perhaps because they were nice enough to put her name up on one of their buildings:

And now we're back home, getting ready for our second Euchre Night.  Hopefully this one goes better than the last time, when the cheaters (aka Vicki & Ryan) won by using the underhanded tactic of outscoring poor Tammy & I.

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