Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winding Down Down Under

We're very nearly done our Australian trip now.  We've got one full day left - tomorrow, Monday - and then it's a quick, early (7:00 a.m.) flight Tue morning from Melbourne to Sydney before we tackle the longer trans-Pacific and then trans-American flights that will bring us home.

Over this weekend, the four of us went on a driving tour of the southeast coast.  Our first stop was a lovely beach that was perfect for wading out, and throwing a ball around in:

After that, while still-somewhat-sick Tammy slept in the car, the rest of us grabbed some lunch at a fish&chips joint:

Next up was the Gibson Steps, which we didn't count, but there were definitely a lot of them:

In that same area, you can see the famous "12 Disciples" rock formations:

Even atheists are welcome there, it turns out:

Eventually we made it to Port Campbell for the night, a sleepy little resort town:

At the edge of the very small town, there was a jetty into which the ocean roared:

After an evening of Euchre and watching Australian TV in Port Campbell, we got up this morning and made our way to the Loch Ard Gorge:

Vicki was dwarfed by some stalactite-like growths:

and then seriously misjudged either the water's intentions or how water-resistant her pants were, down in the gorge itself:

Our last major stop on the tour was the so-called London Bridge - a big slab of rock that resembled a bridge before a section of it (see left side of photo below) fell into the sea in 1990, stranding a bunch of tourists on the fully-detached side of it until they could be airlifted out:

Then it was back to The City, our cross-country adventuring done:

And all that remained, for me anyway, was to head to the gym to work off some of the 5 pounds I'd packed on during that 2-day trip!!!

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