Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Malady In Melbourne

After going to see The Impossible (starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor) at the theatre last night, we came home around 11:30, all ready for a good night's sleep.  Or so we thought.

Poor Tammy woke around 3:30, and started throwing up.  We didn't hear her until a couple hours later, but before long she'd vomited half a dozen times on a half-hour frequency, and there didn't appear to be any end in sight.  She eventually got some Gravol into her, allowing her to grab a couple of hours of sleep.

Around 9:30, I headed off to Chapel Street in search of a pharmacy.  There, I was told that Hydralite was what she needed, even though I'd never heard of it before.  I bought some, along with a bottle of "Dry Ginger Ale", and returned home just hoping I hadn't screwed up my mission.

It was awhile before Tammy woke up again, but as soon as she did, Dr. Vicki got a couple Hydralite pills (mixed in cold water) into her, and Tammy immediately reported an improvement.  She said that her body responded to the liquid instantly, such that she wanted to keep drinking it.  She perked right up, as well, after downing the quarter litre of the stuff, and was able to phone Ryan at work and tell him she was feeling better.  She's been sleeping most of the day since then, ingesting another helping of Hydralite along the way.

Our plans for playing tennis in the morning and hitting the beach in the afternoon went out the window for today, but at least Tammy appears to be getting better so there's hope for the future.

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