Thursday, February 07, 2013

Random Updates From Melbourne

Here we are, on Tuesday morning, heading to our unbooked tennis match, full of hope and joy:

And here we are a funny minutes later, devastated by the news that the tennis courts were overrun, wild rabbit-like, by a group of women who had the unmitigated nerve to book their matches ahead of time:

Here are our tennis shoes, discarded and unloved:

Later that night...

Here's Tammy puking 9 times between 3:00 and 10:00 a.m.:

 The next day...

Here's Vicki and I, apartment-bound while Tammy sleeps, watching Bewitched and dreaming of being free:

The next next day:

Here's Vicki in the ocean, up to her armpits in salt water and killin' in a Gilligan hat:

Later that same day...

It was time to visit some fountains, both the white ones:

and the blue ones:

And that was our last 3 days...

Tomorrow we head out on the Great Ocean Road, if Tammy's well enough for it.  She ventured out to a museum/art gallery today, to test out her sea legs after being bed-ridden for 2 days.

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