Sunday, February 03, 2013

Catching Up In Melbourne

Due to popular demand, or at least one loud-mouthed brother, here is the catch-up on our last couple of days in Melbourne.

Saturday was Market Day, much to my everlasting horror.  We started off at Queen Victoria Market, which was, quite frankly, a zoo:

It seemed to go on forever, or maybe that was just my longstanding aversion to markets at play:

After several days spent there (or possibly slightly less than that), we went looking for lunch. There were lots of interesting choices:

Ha ha, just kidding.  Nobody actually eats there!

Instead, we ended up at a hipster hangout called Little Creatures, that was actually quite good:

We then wandered along Brunswick Street for awhile, only to be tricked into visiting a second market: the Rose Street Artist Market.  My lower back was killing me by then, as it doesn't do well 'milling about' or standing, and we'd done a lot of that already.  Tammy and Ryan purchased a few prints at this stop, but I'd lost my will to live as well as any interest in taking photos.

On Sunday, I opted to stay home and nurse my aching back rather than traveling out to the countryside with the others.

They returned several hours later, with dozens of photos.  I have no idea what any of them are of, but I can make stuff up at least as well as the next fella.

Here's Ryan and Tammy, auditioning for the Australian version of The Amazing Race.  I don't think they got picked:

Next, Vicki and Tammy watched a solar eclipse together:

Fortunately, neither of them went blind (whew!).  The kids then switched brains with a pair of six year olds, and it was all Vicki could do to get them to behave themselves:

Eventually they recovered, though not before Ryan earned an extended 'time-out' for pouring sand over Tammy's head.

After that harrowing experience, it was time for some quiet reflection:

And whatever the Hell this is:

And then they came back, and I'd written most of Chapter 9 in my 3rd novel, so who's to say which of us had more fun, eh?

And now it's SuperBowl Monday, as we spend our late morning and early afternoon taking in the battle between San Fran and the Ravens.  Go 49ers!!

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