Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Game Over Update

So the print draft copies (I ordered one each for Vicki, Julie and I) arrived on Tuesday, and I started reviewing it, looking for things that should be fixed. There were relatively few typos or grammar errors that I could see, but lots of things like the same word unintentionally being used several times in quick succession. I made a list of those, which ran to almost 50 items. I've now corrected all of them, and will give Vicki and Julie another couple days to see if they come up with anything else that needs addressing. Then I'll order one copy of the updated version, in order to check it out before placing the big order. My expectation is that we'll have copies available for all the eager readers out there by around the middle of September. I'm still considering whether or not to do a Book Launch event of some sort, but it looks like I've got a few weeks yet before I have to make that decision.

So that's where we stand on Game Over right now. I'll be providing another tease for it sometime this week, if all goes as planned.

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