Monday, August 15, 2011

Walking Goal: Week 10 Report

I don't know what was in her drinking water last week, but for some reason Julie invited me to join her for 5 - count 'em, 5! - walks, which was a very nice development indeed. I didn't actually have to do many solo treks, as a result, and yet still posted almost 40 kms for the week. I'm on the home stretch now for sure:

411 kms (82.2% of the way to the goal of 500 kms)

I expect I'll hit my target by the end of August at this pace, leaving me the entire month of September to pile on the gravy. It's been a lot of walking in hot temperatures but at least the worst of that should be behind me now (I hope).

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Vicki said...

Impressive. Very very impressive!