Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Game Over Teases: The First Line

The very first thing I wrote for my then-untitled first novel back in January of this year, once I resumed work on it after a year and a half hiatus and with a completely different take on it in mind (in large part thanks to Julie), was the opening line. I'd discarded everything I'd written before, and started over from scratch. I remember telling Julie the line, just a few short hours after I'd come up with it, and I also recall trying to change it long after the first draft was complete and how she talked me out of it.

I just now compared what made it onto the printed page with what opened the first chapter that I sent Julie on Jan 19/11, and they're identical. Not even a single character changed between then and now, despite some fairly extensive revisions of the book in general over those intervening months.

Here, then, is a very brief taste of Game Over in the form of its opening line:

I’m haunted by a recurring image from a moment in my mother’s childhood that I’m pretty sure never actually happened.

How's that grab you?


Sue G said...

where is your "like" button?

Kimota94 aka Matt aka AgileMan said...

I think you just pushed it, Suzy! ;-)