Monday, August 29, 2011

Today's Early Game Over Feedback

Via e-mail from someone who purchased a copy earlier today:

"2 chapters done. Loving it so far"

That's what I like to hear!


Michael Kernahan said...

Yeah so I couldn't put it down. Finished the book. You did a great job of mixing foreshadowing in there, letting the reader under the covers just a little bit at a time.

Was a great ride. Let me know if you need help getting this thing published. Not that I could help, but well... I can do a hunger strike in front of a publisher's house or something.

Kimota94 aka Matt aka AgileMan said...

Hey, Mike, I'm really sorry you couldn't put it down once you started Game Over, but... wait, no, I'm not! That's awesome!! Exactly the sort of response I was going for when I wrote it.

Glad you liked it. Now spread the word!! You can start by getting Rachelle to read it, eh?