Monday, August 08, 2011

Oh, And I've Played Resistance 3, By The Way...

If you want a measure of how crazy the last couple weeks have been for me, consider this:

Last Tuesday, I was invited to join the Resistance 3 Beta that was starting up. And yet, this post, almost a week later, is the first time I've thought to even blog about it! I've tried to play about 5 times so far, making it into games twice; the other times I was thwarted by a widespread matchmaking issue that Insomniac Games is currently looking into. In fact, they've now shut down matchmaking entirely and you can only play in private games, which means you need to know someone else in the Beta. There are forums set up to facilitate finding such people, but I've been too busy to devote any time to that.

My total playing time was maybe 20 minutes, so my impressions of the multiplayer component (the only thing in the Beta) are limited. I think the graphics are good but not great; I found the controls a bit clunky but that may just be an adjustment rather than a shortcoming. There seem to be a ton of perks available as you level up, meaning that it's going to be tough not to blow completely early on. I'm bracing myself for that when the game actually comes out in 29 days!

I'll post more once I've had a chance to get some significant playing time in. I'd say what I've seen so far has neither increased nor decreased my anticipation of Resistance 3.

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