Friday, August 19, 2011

A Corner Has Been Turned On The R3 Beta

With Vicki out of town visiting Tammy, and Julie too busy for any walks at the moment, I've had unfettered access to the Resistance 3 beta over the past 24 hours. I think I probably logged about 5 hours on it yesterday, and went from generally sucking to actually finishing 1st in one Team Deathmatch! I was usually in the top 5 or 6 players at the end of the game (out of 16 total), which is about as high as I can get in most games. It's gone from being a frustrating experience to a fun one, making me even more excited about the official release that's now only 18 days away! I'm maxed out at level 20 (that's the limit in the beta) and am looking forward to finding out just how many more promotions I can get in the full game, as well as what loadout options are still to come. I've also pushed my KTD ratio well above 1.0 for the first time, which longtime followers of this blog know to be my favourite metric for how I'm doing in online game play!

In other words: fun!

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Sue G said...

Well, thank goodness KTD is positive. I have been concerned all week about this since you mentioned it. So nice to know you are killer more often than victim???
Ah, the hobbies some people choose.