Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Few Small Updates

1) My heel is, uh, healing quite nicely!  It's all scabbed over and generally doesn't hurt unless I try to do too much in a shoe without a bandage over the affected area.  I expect it'll be 100% in another week-ish.  I may try a walk with Julie before then, her schedule permitting, but it won't be of the superlong variety like the one on which the injury happened.

2) My cough hasn't entirely gone away, but it's much, much, much better than it was during our trip to Vegas.  I did both yoga classes this week as well as cycling class, and none of those had been possible over the preceding month.  I'd sure like to see a full return to health soon, but for now: I'll take this!

3) The broken laptop was only gone for part of 5 days (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon and back on Tue), which seems more than reasonable to me.  They had to replace the hard drive and various other parts related to heat-control, and so I've had to restore all personal files from backups (which, thankfully, were being done daily) and reinstall all of the software for Office, our camera, Java, etc.  That's still continuing, although I've been up and operating quite well since sometime this afternoon.

4) I'm now working on Chapter 6 of the new novel, and it's going swimmingly so far.  I'm about 5 or 6 pages in and enjoying it immensely.  Chapters 5 and 6 are really fun, and I imagine some of you will quite like them when you get a chance to read them next spring.

5) Tomorrow is Tammy's 26th birthday, although technically it's already past her birthday as far as she's concerned, since Melbourne is something like 16 hours ahead of us.  It's hard to take in that she's that old, but I guess the calendar doesn't lie. 

6) Emma leaves on Sunday for 3 weeks at her other home, and we don't plan to miss her at all.  So there.

7) There is no 7th item.

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Vicki said...

There are no random comments by Matt, so the fact that the book is going swimmingly tells me it is located in a pool or there is a shark involved. Just saying