Tuesday, December 04, 2012

My Latest Affliction

Yesterday, I let Julie lead me on the longest walk I've done since I've been sick. I asked her to walk a little more slowly than we usually do, and she did; I asked for a few rests along the way, and she graciously complied. The whole time, I was worried that I'd overdo it and start coughing or just plain pass out, but neither happened.

Instead, as we were on the final leg of our journey, I noticed that my right heel was sore. It kept getting worse, and for the last half km or so, it was all I could do to limp back to Julie's house. When we got inside, I took off my sock and saw that something in my right boot had caused a blister on the heel, covering an area larger than a toonie! The skin came completely off as soon as I touched it, leaving the skin raw and exposed. (There's a small piece of material missing from the inside heel of the boot, apparently, which is what caused the irritation. Time for a new pair of boots, I guess!)

Here's what we're talking about:

When I got home, Drs Vicki & Emma put ointment and a bandage over the affected area and after a few hours it stopped hurting.  It was tough to find a position to sleep in that didn't sting, but I must've eventually.

This morning I thought I'd go to yoga class, only to discover that putting a shoe on, even over the bandage and a sock, caused so much pain that I couldn't take more than a few steps before it was too much for me. Looks like I've traded in one ailment for another, which impresses me not at all. I've now missed more than 3 weeks of yoga and cycling classes, and am getting fed up... and very out-of-shape!

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