Monday, December 10, 2012

Hunkered Down In Basement

No, the supposed Mayan apocalypse hasn't come a week and a half early (by the way: there's no such thing)... I've just had a laptop give up the ghost on me (again) and have to rely on my basement PC for my access.  This meltdown is covered under an extended warranty, though, which means I just have to wait for it to be fixed, shipped back to me, and then reload all of the software that I'm sure will be missing after they wipe my hard drive.  I've got a much better automated backup system in place now, between my laptop and Vicki's, than I had for the last laptoptastrophe, and so I don't think I'll have lost much, if any, data this time around.

Anyway, expect even lower than usual blogging output for the next week or so.

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