Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Year Ends, 2012 Edition

In just a few hours (in this part of the world, anyway), 2012 will become history instead of an exciting glimpse into our possible future, as it was when I was a kid.  Canadians will remember it as a year that had no NHL hockey to watch after early June, or possibly as the year the Blue Jays got serious about making the postseason again.

For me, personally, 2012 was a good year.  I finished and published my 2nd novel, and got about halfway through my 3rd.  Just for good measure, when Julie was over last night, she and I spent an hour or so somewhere between midnight and 3:00 a.m. discussing a new story idea I've had recently, and in the process plotted out a fairly significant portion of a 4th novel.  She liked it so much that she said, "I know you're going to hate what I'm about to say, but I almost wish you'd start writing this one instead of finishing that one!"  I didn't actually hate that comment, but I also have no plans of abandoning the current work.  Instead, I'm excited at the thought of having another story already in-hand, something that wasn't true after either Game Over or No Brother of Mine.  It's a very nice position to be in, indeed.

Vicki and I had a great year together, traveling to Orlando with one set of family members and to Las Vegas with another.  And of course in just a few weeks, we'll be "on the road" again, off to see Tammy and her boyfriend Ryan in Australia.  That's a lot of travel for me in a 9- or 10-month stretch, but I'll probably survive it somehow.  And the time with family has been greatly appreciated.

We added Jonesy to our family in 2012, and I can't adequately express how much joy he's brought to my life.  As Vicki would say, he's so my cat!  He spends as much time as he can manage on my lap, and is rarely very far from me the rest of the time.  I find it hard to believe that we've only had him 6 and a half months, as it now feels like he's always been here.

2012 was also all about welcoming great-niece Emma into our home, as she started her university career with us.  We haven't seen her in a couple of weeks now, but she'll be back in 6 short days, and we can hardly wait.  Jonesy's especially counting the hours until he can resume his campaign of terror against her, which we all know is really a budding romance between the two of them.

Anyway, it's almost time for Vicki and I to settle in to watch a movie or two and ring out the old year in our typical fashion.  I hope everyone reading this has a lovely evening and a thoroughly satisfying 2013.

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