Sunday, December 02, 2012

Public Shaming Works

About an hour ago, I finished Chapter 5 of the new novel.  I'd started it before Vegas, worked on it quite a lot yesterday, and so it only required another couple of hours today to wrap it up.

It was an interesting chapter for me, because I thought I knew where it was going before I began writing it, and then it went somewhere else entirely.  I'm still trying to decide if I'm 100% happy with the new direction, but for now it's good.

One other thing distinguishes this part of the book from the rest, and that's the fact that I decided to build a subtle little trick into it that I'm fairly confident no one will ever spot and appreciate.  I'll eventually have to tell someone, I suppose, just to get a reaction for it.

Anyway, 5 chapters are in the bag now, and I expect there are about twice that many still to go.

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