Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What Will Tonight's Lost Bring?

It's been an amazingly strong season of Lost so far, but I almost worry that that's working against the show. For example, I think that the last couple episodes have been quite entertaining but perhaps not quite up to the high bar that the season has set for itself. And yet, either of them would have been 400-foot home runs if they'd shown up in Seasons Two or Three. So it may in fact be the case that Lost has upped the ante so much this year that some of us (like me) have become... well, spoiled!

Nevertheless, I'm eagerly anticipating tonight's allegedly-Benry-centric installment, as we may find out what Richard Alpert's dire "rescue" of young Ben actually entails. Is he going to get the "French expedition treatment" and emerge from the temple changed in some way? Will we find out more info on what that's all about?

I also had a bit of an epiphany recently, concerning all of the seeming coincidences that have occurred in the various backstories (eg. Kate and Cassidy meeting up when Kate was on the run; Desmond getting his boat from Hurley's girlfriend; Sawyer bumping into Christian in Australia; etc.) Maybe some of those aren't happening by chance, or even by the machinations of the island, but rather because of the time travel. Perhaps the whole "whatever happened, happened" aspect of time travel (within the confines of the show, at least) are requiring that certain people from within and around the main cast have to meet up in the years after 1977 in order to keep events flowing along the lines that they're (now) supposed to. It's kind of a weird thought that I haven't fully noodled around, but it would make for an interesting explanation.

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