Sunday, October 01, 2006

Misadventures in Blogland

Who'd have guessed that setting up a blog (for the first time.. ever) would be so... challenging and perilous? OK, I exaggerate. At any rate, it went something like this:

1) Someone I work with, whose opinion I respect immensely, suggests I should start a blog. He mentions as a potential site for it.
2) I procrastinate on the topic for many weeks, then finally find a bit of free time and decide to set it up (a few weeks back).
3) I have nothing to write about when I set it up, so no blog entries for me!
4) A few days ago, I decide to start blogging, and go looking for inspiration from other blogs. I go searching for my (grown up) daughter's blog, find it, and then start razzing her for how badly she comes across on her own blog (hey, I know her, and she's not all bitchy and whiney and nasty, despite how her blog reads!).
5) I post a few entries, including the fact that, after some initial investigation, I can't seem to get my own blog to ever come up in a search of MySpace, no matter how specific a set of matches I search for! Very strange.
6) My daughter considers my criticisms and decides to revamp her blog (she'd started it when she was several years younger) and asks me why I picked MySpace when there are better options out there. Which brought me here.

We'll have to see what happens when I try to 'find myself' here. If it works better, hopefully I can then shut down the MySpace debacle. I really only have one significant post to bring over from there, anyway.


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Tammy said...

I found your blog if I search for Kimota but that's it.