Monday, August 13, 2007

Back From Absentia

We finally have Internet once again, now that we're in Washington. (Had I been thinking more clearly, we would've spent the $10/night to get it in Chicago, since the three short phone calls we made to Tammy, including one in which she wasn't home but voice-mail briefly picked up, totaled $60! We'll never make that mistake again!)

Lots and lots of stuff to write about from the Wizard World convention in Chicago, and I'll try to get some of that done this week, when I'm not in Agile sessions or out with Vicki and the gang. We had some great luck toward the end of our two days there and I'll be sharing those experiences as soon as I can get some photos off my camera and a bit more time to think straight. The drive from Chicago to Washington took us about 12 hours yesterday, with minimal meal breaks. Considering it was a Sunday, it's not surprising that we made pretty good time, until we got to the Maryland area. Around here, it seems, slowdowns (and outright stoppages) on the highways occur quite frequently, for no discernible reason... even on Sundays! Other than that, though, it was a good drive.

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