Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Good Mail Day

Today's mail brought two packages, containing 3 music CDs, 2 movie DVDs and 1 hardcover book! That's a pretty good haul already, and I haven't even been to the comic store yet!

Out of all those items, I suspect it'll be Babylon5: The Lost Tales that gets cracked open tonight! Tammy's already over for a visit, so the stars have all aligned for the viewing of this first new B5 goodness in years! (The other film purchased was 300, which I was able to get on Blu-Ray for the same price as it would've cost on regular DVD, thus doubling my Blu-Ray movie collection in one fell swoop!)

For the completists out there, the CDs were:

Nothing like the Sun by Sting
The Eraser by Thom Yorke (of Radiohead fame)
Rust Never Sleeps by Neil Young

and the hardcover was Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman. Oodles and oodles of hours of entertainment that all arrived on my doorstep on this day!

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