Thursday, August 02, 2007

What I Did Today (August 2nd, 2007 Edition)

A second day ends in which the only dope in my life was me...

I started reviewing my Silver Age Trivia notes from years past today, but didn't get very far. I also read a bunch of newer comics, because I had a backlog two weeks long that was crying out for some attention.

Last night, overnight, I didn't get a lot of sleep, partially because my brain picked that time to start really thinking about the short story I've managed to write so little of so far this week! Much more of the framework occurred to me as I didn't sleep, and serious doubts about my ability to pull it off also surfaced. Both of those, if history counts for anything, are relatively good signs for me and my writing. Go figure!

And the rest of my time was spent surfing the Web, which just seems to get bigger and more wondrous everytime I do so.

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