Sunday, August 05, 2007

BoilBoy - The 9 Days After Photo

Vicki assures me that lots of healing is evident in this photo, compared to what it looked like just six days ago. And if you click on each of the two photos to get a closer look (and who wouldn't want to do that, I wonder?), you can see that the hole's filled in, in terms of depth, at least a little. But, it still looks like - and feels like - a big gaping wound, and so I'm starting to worry about my attendance at the Agile 2007 Conference in Washington a week from tomorrow, and whether I'll really be able to make that happen. Vicki's been a fantastic nurse throughout all this, but she ain't gonna be there! I've asked someone at work to find out if the hotel we're staying at has a nurse on staff, or if there's a nearby walk-in clinic; otherwise, it's going to be up to one of my traveling companions to deal with daily bandage changes and cleanings, which is quite frankly a Hell of a lot to ask of a co-worker. It's ironic that I average only about 2 business trips each year, and yet one of this year's is coinciding with a minor medical crisis. Funny, that!

By the way, the red marks all around the wound are from the tape that holds the bandage on. Having that tape ripped off each day is one of the worst parts of this whole experience, and seeing the site now (I normally can't see anything back there) it's no wonder my back's as sore and sensitive as it is!


mikem said...

/me is now glad that he won't be going


Kimota94 aka Matt said...

"I don't even know what that means!" - frazzled old man, most days anymore