Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Collaborative Blogging - The Title Poll

Since Tammy's gung ho to get something set up to allow us to at least try this concept out (how Agile of her!), we should spend a few minutes today deciding on a title. That's not to say we can't change it again later, if something better occurs to someone; but we should get something now (she's still on vacation and will have some time, at least).

If you're someone who indicated that you'd be willing to contribute, then please add a Comment to this post indicating your preference from the list below, noting that you can write in a suggestion of your own as your vote (but only one). If any of the write-ins get a "oooh, that's good!" reaction from people, we can take that as a sign that we've got a winner.


1. The Studio Has A Few Notes

2. Popculturalists' Handbook

3. I'll Have What She's Having

4. Tag, You're It

5. your write-in suggestion


tammy said...


Also, please leave your preferred emails so I can add you as a contributor.

Also also, I think we should have a common style to our posts - things such as always bolding movie titles instead of putting them in quotations or italics, putting your rating at the bottom or top, adding a picture (or not), etc. --- nothing that would affect the content of your post, just the format.

Peter J. said...

I already have a Blogger account (which I've used for this comment). Is that sufficient?

For title, I'll write in "Elwy and Roger's Illegitimate Offspring" and, failing that, opt for #3.

Too bad you can't easily use the semantic markup abilities that HTML already contains when you're writing here, or style things the way you want. The <cite> tag in particular is appropriate for marking up titles, and the hReview microformat is designed for exactly the sort of standardized review you're referring to. I suppose I'll just have to get used to writing presentational HTML again...

tammy said...

Peter: Yep, I just need the email attached to your blogger account.

mikem said...

what's that - Matt's up for the "just do it" approach? [shocked] :P

I'm interested, but the titles here don't really speak to me. I'll think about it this eve... I agree with PJ, #3 is my pref of what's listed, but i'm not sure it i like how it looks in an url == ill have whats he shaving?

all we need is a catchy/appropriate/workable blogspot url and could change the rest later.

(my acct is mmarsman [at] gmail)

Peter J. said...

Tammy: @ my domain

Tangentially, I've reworded my exhortation to more accurately reflect what I actually mean. Instead of "just do it", it's now "just do something".

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

I'm voting for # 1 because I really like "the studio" name. But (URL issues notwithstanding) I'd certainly be OK with "What She's Having" or any variation thereof.

To Peter's comments reflecting disappointment over the Blogger option... He has some good points, as always. The one that surprised me (which I probably received over e-mail, rather than as a comment here) was regarding having to post his "movie reflections" twice, once on his own blog, and once on our new one. I think I was under the impression that, other than Tammy, none of us were really doing much of that! In fact, part of my motivation in suggesting that we start this experiment up, was to create a place where we'd be more inclined to talk about movies/TV. If we were all already busy posting up a movie-storm, then I think Peter's approach of an aggregator would work well; my hope is that this new blog will, as we start using it, actually promote more commentary and discussion. That doesn't seem to be happening now, as far as I can see. (The fact that, as Peter says, he doesn't even have a label for "Movies" right now on his blog would seem to support this.)

And to Mike's point, yes I'm advocating a "just do it" approach here because I don't think we need to get it perfect right out of the gate. But maybe I'm wrong. Discuss amongst yourselves...

cjg said...

So... many... options... Must... avoid... mental lockup...

Electronic mail contact point:
cj[italian word for war] @ google mail

Candidate #5a: Just Review It
Candidate #5b: That's what She said
Candidate #5c: Stop Exploding You Cowards (shortened to "" - it's free)

I like #2 (because I suggested it) but a variant on #3 would be fine. 5b above is from an episode of The Office (US edition).

I think that 5b compresses nicely no weird expansions or miscommunication, but that is the point of that one. I wish there was a way to drive that home... (all together - "thatswhatshesaid").

Wrt the whole "just do it" thread, seems like maybe someone read my late night insanity... er ramblings ;) Maybe not. Let me keep my dreams of influence and utility.

I agree with tammy in that we should keep some kind of common formatting convention. One has been suggested and I think we should use that until the majority dislikes it.

Tim said...

Fine with the idea of movies as the main theme. Still, I probably will not be posting movie reviews and such - the video rental card is dominated by my daughters and I'm not inclined to write about Hilary Duff.

If, and only if we go for something broader, what do we have in common? Probably nothing really, other than living/having lived in a small South Western Ontario city. Fitting name would be something like 'Family Compact'. Its short, memorable (and pehaps already taken ??). It also makes no difference that a London Knights or Organic food entry can sit on top of a Matt Damon picture.

To unfocused? Perhaps.

Teturner at

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

Tim: Recall that TV is "on topic" so you can wax eloquent about The Wire, Deadwood and America's Got Talent! in this locate, as well.

Boneman8 said...

I have no preference to a name...but if someone WANTS me to pick one, I'll go with #1 for no other reason than that's what it's currently called.

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

And, by the way, as I've said before, we're not limited to New Releases here. I'd wager a significant amount of money that everyone within the "sound of my voice" has seen a lot of movies in their lifetime, and probably even has some strong favourites that they'd love to rave about, given half a chance. Now you'll have a place to do that, if you're so inclined.

Tim said...

Fav Deadwood line:

"Bad news or tries against our interests is our sole communications from strangers, so let's by all means plant some poles across the land and
festoon the cocksuckers with wires to hurry the sorry word and blinker
our judgments of motive!"'

I have a favourite America's Got Talent line as well, but the Hoff drunkenly screwed it up.

Fine, movies, TV it is.

tammy said...

Hi everyone,

Matt's gone and following the cats around all day gets old quick. Boredom = progress.

I tried a few variations on "I'll have what she's having" for a URL but they were all taken.

The other popular alternative was the Studio name. So I found that was free and have set a little something up.

I'm going to add everyone as Admins (so there won't be a moderator) --- thus if you don't like something, feel free to make changes. Perhaps a big change could be proposed in a post on that very blog? I'll get us started with a post about formatting standards.

Anywho, hope it's okay! I for one am looking forward to getting the details sorted out and this show on the road!