Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Silver Age Comic Trivia XXXIV

In this, our penultimate entry, simply ask yourself: who's faster, Superman or the Flash? More specifically, who won the first race between the two?

Yesterday's Answer: As at least two of you knew, Galactus not only stripped Norrin Radd of some of his cosmic powers in Fantastic Four # 50, but he also erected a barrier around the Earth such that the Silver Surfer could never leave his new home. This was clearly pique on the part of Galen, since there was no logical reason why his former herald couldn't have returned to Zenn-La and lost love, Shalla Bal. But you don't turn against and defy ol' Hockey-Stick-Head without suffering some payback, as the Surfer found out, to his dismay.

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ShaneT said...

They tied.