Monday, August 27, 2007

The Trouble With Tammy

Our industrious young twenty year old made the big move to Toronto this past weekend, and to say that things didn't go smoothly would be... an understatement of mythic proportion.

Her day started around 7:00 am or so, and not too long after that she discovered that the rental truck she'd reserved wasn't going to be available locally, after all. They directed her to a location about an hour's drive away, with no explanation given. When she and her moving buddies arrived there - after borrowing one of our cars to make the trip - the clerk informed them that she'd just given away their truck away to someone else! And so back they came, in search of a moving truck!

Anyway, I'll leave the fullness of the experience for Tammy to report, since I'm sure we only heard a tip of the iceberg in terms of details. I'll just conclude my description with the fact that the move-in apparently finished around 3:00 in the morning on Sunday, and now she's being harassed by the building manager because they were too noisy and allegedly damaged something in the process. I suspect she'll be calling this the Move From Hell. And she won't be exaggerating much.

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