Saturday, August 18, 2007

Other Cool Convention 2007 Sketches

Minutes after meeting the Great Gene Ha, we proceeded to a Sketch Duel for Charity that was scheduled for Saturday evening in Chicago. Battling it out were Matt Wagner (Grendel, Batman: The Mad Monk), Michael Golden (Micronauts), Phil Hester (Green Arrow, Swamp Thing) and (I think) Tony Moore (he was the only one whose name and work I wasn't familiar with).

It was actually less of a sketch duel and more of an informal opportunity to chat with the artists, as they did sketches while answering questions or offering opinions. Over the course of the panel they each produced two complete pencil-and-ink sketches, which were auctioned off as they were finished. The forty or fifty audience members, of which we were two, bid on each sketch with the piece going to the highest bidder. Every single picture drawn was one I'd have been happy to own, but we only came home with the Matt Wagner Superman shown here, along with a Wagner Batman and a Phil Hester Batman.

Now the only question is how to frame and display them: do we put the two Wagners together, the two Batmans together, or try to find a way to get all three in a single frame (each sketch is about the same dimension as a magazine cover)? I think if we opted for the latter approach, then it has to be Superman in the middle, doesn't it? (These are the sorts of challenges I love facing!)

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Vicki said...

I'm thinking all three together. Nice long rectangle grouping (wide not tall). Then the dilemma of where to hang it. I'll just add the framing to the list of things to do in my spare time.