Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How To Kill A Buzz

In the month and a half since I first got interested in Cloverfield, the mysterious unnamed monster movie whose trailer was so intriguing when it burst upon movie theatre screens and then the Internet, the following deft moves have been made to retain my attention:


That's right, nothing.

Despite there being rumours that something new would be released or announced around the start of August, that time came and went with naught but the picture of sagebrush tumbling down the empty streets to the sounds of crickets chirping. Considering that the film's release date has famously been pegged as January 18, 2008, a mere four and a half months from now, can there really be no material available that could be 'leaked' in order to keep the flames of interest fanned? Or is the film that's being shot simply so bad that those involved have realized they aren't going to have the movie they thought they were? (And yes, those are fighting words. Sometimes that's the only way to get a response out of a sluggish opponent.)

I remain hopeful that whatever it is turns out to be something cool. But I'm also getting a bit bored with the silence.

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mikem said...

i haven't gotten into any of the cloverfield buzz, but did just see this link