Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Amazons Attack, Readers React!

Well, the war is over now, and all that remains is the crying.

And the bitching.

And the moaning.

And the gnashing of teeth.

And those aren't just my reactions, as it turns out!

This Blog @ Newsarama article links to a few locations where the mini-series is being discussed, in less-than-glowing terms. Among the most egregious sins perpetrated by the six issues of Amazons Attack, say I and others, are:

  1. Many innocent people died, and yet no justice was served.

  2. Despite it being a six-issue mini-series, the story didn't actually end within its pages ("It's not over yet," we're told, as though that's somehow a good thing)

  3. The mystery villainess revealed to be behind it all came completely out of left field, with no explanation as to how she could've possibly overcome an actual goddess (Athena) in order to pull off what she did

  4. No sane person, having picked up this series on spec in order to get a sense of "what comics are like" would ever, ever want to read another one!

And that's not even touching the many minor quibbles I have, like the fact that Batman's apparently clever enough to arrange to have a spell handy to take the sorceress Circe out of commission for an hour... and doesn't do anything during that hour to make sure she doesn't get back into the battle? Or that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are always meeting up, in private scenes, and referring to each other by their superhero identities instead of "Clark," "Bruce" or "Diana."

In the end, while I wouldn't call it the "most damaging, worst Wonder Woman story ever" (as one fan did), I'd certainly be willing to label it a steaming pile of crud. Five years hence, after DC has righted their ship and gotten it back on course, will we look back on Amazons Attack as the low point during the Dark Years? Or is there still worse to come? God, I hope it doesn't get any more artistically-bankrupt than this!

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