Monday, September 03, 2007

As Labour Day Weekends Go, This Was A Pretty Fine One

It's not every year that you get a Labour Day weekend which features three solid days of really nice weather, but we were treated to one this time around. Even the forecast for the next several days looks lovely, as the kids return to school and we working stiffs drag our post-summer butts back into the office. I know that summer still offically has another two and a half weeks left according to the calendar, but that first Tuesday in September - tomorrow - always feels like the real finale.

And of course all of the preceding is really just augering the start of the new TV season, as well as the wind down of another baseball session leading up to the post-season. And hey, that means the start of the NHL season is only about a month away! Come October, we'll have all four major sports in North America either wrapping up or underway, making it a cornucopia of stuff to watch for the true sports freak.

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