Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Learning New Things, Every Day

Yesterday I learned that the correct expression, when describing someone who got what they deserved, is "just deserts," not "just desserts" as I'd always thought it to be (this revelation was courtesy of PeterJ's blog).

Today I learned that we really can get a strong enough set of wind gusts in September to flip our outdoor (and heavy) glass table over, breaking its surface into thousands of pieces of glass on our back deck. And more interestingly, I also learned that the table was made of some sort of safety glass, which you can handle in bits without cutting yourself. This naturally made the clean-up that we just completed ("in the dark," which is to say, with the help of outdoor lights) considerably easier and less painful than it would've been with regular glass. We filled six plastic bags with the pieces that were whisked up, plus there's still the Shop Vac's contents to deal with, when we've got the energy (i.e. tomorrow or on the weekend).

I'd be tempted to say that the destruction of our patio table was an example of us receiving our "just deserts," except that I don't think we did anything to deserve it. Sometimes shit just happens.


tammy said...

RIP Patio table :(

cac said...

And let's not forget that the correct phrase is "pass muster" not "pass mustard"

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

Craig, I think that one depends on the usage, because if I'm asked to "pass mustard," I have no problem making the condiment move!!

Vicki said...

I had to go to Peter's blog and look that up...cause I would have said desserts all the way. And now I want to watch that crazy CBC show Test the nation or whatever!