Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years Ago, The World Changed

And not for the better.

If someone had told you, on the evening of Sept 11th, 2001, that six years later we'd have long known who was responsible for orchestrating the four attacks made earlier that day, and yet he was still on the loose and releasing videos every once in awhile, you'd never have believed it. Or at least, I wouldn't have. Wasn't the U.S. the country that we'd been lead to believe could track a person by satellite no matter where they went on the planet? Weren't the Americans rumoured to have Black Ops departments that had been behind clandestine assassinations all around the world over the past thirty or forty years? How could we begin to conceive that the # 1 "super power" would be made to look like morons by a guy in a sheet, hiding out in the hills of Afghanistan? Or that they'd instead target a completely different country, with no ties to the 9/11 extremists, and mire themselves in an unwinnable war there, at a cost of thousands of American lives and tens of thousands of civilian lives in that country?

Not to mention how impossible it would've been to believe that so much goodwill would be squandered by America over those six years. But maybe a Democrat will get elected next year and the country will start to recover. One can only hope at this point.


Vicki said...

Shouldn't we be thinking and blogging about the important Ontario election coming up? Won't this have more immediate impact on our lives? Hahahah...just kidding...those silly warmongers to the south have already drawn us in to the fray with them and that will likely have a longer lasting impact than the Ontario election...isn't that a sad state?

Boneman8 said...

What about the conspiracy theory that had the US Government actually coordinating the 9/11 Attacks?