Saturday, September 08, 2007

Back On The Air

Vicki and I just within the past hour returned from the megalopolis known as Toronto, where we left Tammy safely in her 400 sq ft apartment, slightly better off than when we got there. The three of us hung up some pictures on her walls, got her bed and couches fixed up so that they're considerably less likely to fall over if you look at them wrong, and made it so that her DVD player does audio as well as video! Still no Internet when we left, though, thanks to the incomparable incompetence of Rogers Cable. They knew she was moving cities, they knew she had a modem from them and wanted Internet at her new apartment, and they sent a service person this morning to hook up cable and Internet for her. And yet somehow the dope left without telling us that there was a problem 'relocating' the modem (meaning, I'm guessing, that some archaic database deep within the bowels of the Rogers mainframe can't easily be updated by the nice keypunch monkeys working the phones). Hopefully she can get over that last hurdle by herself, since she still has this upcoming week off before her new job starts on the 17th.

Having said all that, I'm happy to be back home, getting ready to sleep in my own bed, and with Sunday wide open for some rest and relaxation!


tammy said...

Finally have internet! 48 hours after I should have!

Vicki said...

And to thank us Tammy made a wonderful dinner in her very tiny kitchen! All good and only about a dozen or so boxes left to unpack!