Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Her Special Skills Aren't Limited To Nursing

Today, as I was biking home from work, I got my first flat tire for my new (last Spring) bicycle. The front of the bike had started feeling sluggish, pulling me to one side, and when I stopped pedaling to give the tire a squeeze, sure enough it was flatsville. Since I was just past the halfway mark of the trip, I wasn't keen on the idea of having to walk the rest of the way, but then I remembered that I have a small air pump in my backpack, so I got off the bike and attempted to get enough air into the tube to limp home on.

While I struggled with that, in the nearly-30 degree heat, a car came toward me on the side street that I'd stopped on, and slowed as it got near me. I looked up and immediately recognized the license plate (before anything else): it was Vicki's car!

She'd started to worry when I wasn't home and had gone out looking for me! Now, it turned out that she'd confused the time I'd left work, thus thinking that I was long overdue getting home, when in reality I wasn't even late yet. But I was happy for the confusion, as I now had a car to put my bike in as well as a quick, air-conditioned ride home!

I've now put the front wheel of my old bike in place of the flat one, and will be riding that Frankenstein's monster to work tomorrow. Vicki's going to take my flat tire downtown with her and I'll find time tomorrow to get it into the shop for a tube replacement. Then it'll just be a matter of waiting until the next flat (they don't seem to come as far apart as they used to!)

So now we can add Roadside Assistance Expert to Vicki's growing list of part-time skills!

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Vicki said...

What a weird fluke that I thought the time was wrong and came looking for you...the universe works in mysterious ways.