Friday, September 14, 2007

Progress Was Made

Last night, after posting a couple of blog entries here, I willed myself to go downstairs and do some work on the Agile book. I made a few touch-ups to the existing chapters - I seem to do that each time I look at them - and then I wrote a new chapter, bringing that total to six, with about 7300 words now written.

As I told Vicki, this was the first material I've written for it that could be considered dicey from a hurt-feelings point-of-view. It's been pretty innocuous up to this point, with the only butt of any jokes tending to be me. In this latest section, though, I poked just a tiny bit of fun at a few un-named individuals and groups at work, in regards to the initial adoption of Agile. I tried to write it in such a way as to not give offense, but of course some people are easily offended! So we'll see how that part goes over, if the book ever gets read by people at work.

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