Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Latest Purchase

It was an odd set of coincidences, to be sure: From Hell artist Eddie Campbell, whose blog I visit most days, happened to post last week that the original artwork for his Black Diamond Detective Agency one-shot from earlier this year - which I'd bought on the strength of his blog postings about it alone, and really enjoyed - was now available for purchase. Not only that, but despite the fact that Eddie lives in Australia, the pages were being sold through The Beguiling, a Toronto comic store. And, to cap it all off, Vicki and I just happened to be planning to be in Toronto this weekend, helping Tammy with some errands at her new apartment. Throw all of those facts into a blender, turn the switch to Puree, and it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that I'd come home with at least one new page of original artwork for the collection (shown here).

Since the dialogue was added by Mr Campbell on a computer (rather than pasted on to the page itself as used to happen), and on the off-chance someone viewing this would like to know what's being said on this particular page, here are the contents of the various word balloons:

Panel 1: "Frank Reno! Yup. That's him all right."

Panel 2: "I'll tidy it up for engraving and get it to the boss first thing tomorrow."

"He can decide just how he 'WANTS' Mr Reno."

Panel 3: "It's turned cold."

Panel 4: "I'd say the snow's coming."

Panel 7: "We can walk to my lodgings from here."


tammy said...

A very pretty page! Nice in real life, too!

The wife said...

And of course, I bought a page and have it tucked away for some future gift giving Accountant's day perhaps!